Weapons of Mass Distraction

May 8, 2013

Where do I even start? From tv to cellphones. From bikes to cars. Everyday there’s something different that continuously attracts our eye. But one of the most effective distractions is …. social networking. You might not disagree, but let’s look at this closely shall we?
People are more comfortable sharing their personal feelings on fb rather than to the person that their feelings are aimed at. Next, we rarely use email to send long messages, nowadays it’s add me on Facebook or inbox me. There’s no more taking photos, developing them and putting them in albums. Now it’s Instagram.
Now what people do on their instagram, Facebook, tumblr etc it’s totally up to them. My point here is that we’re literally living our lives through technology. I myself must admit I’ve been caught up in the hype.
I managed to deactivate my fb. Not because it’s bad, because we could always use them to spread the word of God. But because I found myself spending more time on fb going through my news feed rather than reading or working on my nursing and it just got to the point where I asked myself, “How long do I spend my time on these sites.?”
If you were to record the amount of time you spend on social networking and actually talking with someone, would they be equal.? Or would one exceed yhe other.?
God bless.x



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